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Shoulder B/Less

R138.20 Incl. VAT
R138.20 /Kg

Shoulder B&R

R115.17 Incl. VAT
R115.17 /Kg

Shoulder Stew

R115.17 Incl. VAT
R115.17 /Kg

Shoulder Whole

R113.08 Incl. VAT
R113.08 /Kg

Smoked Briskett

R194.69 Incl. VAT
R194.69 /Kg

Smoked Chicken Fillet

R60.67 Incl. VAT
R60.67 /Kg

Smoked Chicken Sliced

R62.77 Incl. VAT
R62.77 /Kg

Smoked Ham Sliced

R56.66 Incl. VAT
R56.66 /Kg

Spare Rib Portion

R96.32 Incl. VAT
R96.32 /Kg

Springbok Carpaccio

R21.99 Incl. VAT
R0.27 /Kg

Springbok Goulash

R73.24 Incl. VAT
R73.24 /Kg

Springbok Loin

R183.23 Incl. VAT
R183.23 /Kg

Springbok Mince

R61.72 Incl. VAT
R61.72 /Kg


R92.14 Incl. VAT
R92.14 /Kg

Streaky Bacon

R86.85 Incl. VAT
R86.85 /Kg


R71.14 Incl. VAT
R71.14 /Kg


R32.44 Incl. VAT
R32.44 /Kg

All prices are per Kg and all cuts will be made to the nearest Kilogram. Dismiss