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Lamb Shank

R131.10 Incl. VAT
R131.10 /Kg

Spare Rib Portion

R105.80 Incl. VAT
R105.80 /Kg

Cocktail Ribs

R106.95 Incl. VAT
R106.95 /Kg

Lamb Flank

R96.60 Incl. VAT
R96.60 /Kg

Lamb Neck

R97.75 Incl. VAT
R97.75 /Kg

Lamb Neck & Knuckle

R117.30 Incl. VAT
R117.30 /Kg

Lamb Breast

R97.75 Incl. VAT
R97.75 /Kg

Burger Mince 80/20

R75.84 Incl. VAT
R75.84 /Kg

Lamb Rump

R186.30 Incl. VAT
R186.30 /Kg

Cheese Burgers

R68.57 Incl. VAT
R68.57 /Kg

Regular Mince

R62.04 Incl. VAT
R62.04 /Kg

Cheese Grillers

R72.19 Incl. VAT
R72.19 /Kg

Chicken Burger

R64.34 Incl. VAT
R64.34 /Kg

Chicken Chipolata

R70.98 Incl. VAT
R70.98 /Kg

Breakfast Hamper

We have you covered ...
R420.04 R343.84 Incl. VAT

Large Xmas Hamper

Save BIG This Holiday ...
R718.75 Incl. VAT

Family Hamper

Get your Family Hamper ...
R822.25 R550.00 Incl. VAT

Xmas Hamper

Save BIG This Holiday ...
R442.75 Incl. VAT

Chicken Mince

R63.25 Incl. VAT
R63.25 /Kg

Chili Snapstix

R396.75 Incl. VAT
R396.75 /Kg

Chorizo Air Dried

R162.55 Incl. VAT
R162.55 /Kg

Chorizo Cooked

R87.84 Incl. VAT
R87.84 /Kg

Chorizo Fresh

R97.46 Incl. VAT
R97.46 /Kg

Chorizo Fresh Portion

R99.88 Incl. VAT
R99.88 /Kg

Chorizo Roll (Air Dried)

R155.25 Incl. VAT
R155.25 /Kg

Cocktail Burgers

R66.16 Incl. VAT
R66.16 /Kg


R33.29 Incl. VAT
R33.29 /Kg

Diced Bacon

R55.14 Incl. VAT
R55.14 /Kg

Diced Bacon Hand Cut

R57.44 Incl. VAT
R57.44 /Kg


R187.45 Incl. VAT


R45.94 Incl. VAT
R45.94 /Kg

Eisbein Pickled

R44.79 Incl. VAT
R44.79 /Kg

Eisbein Portioned

R48.24 Incl. VAT
R48.24 /Kg

Eisbein Smoked

R49.39 Incl. VAT
R49.39 /Kg


R96.54 Incl. VAT
R96.54 /Kg


R68.94 Incl. VAT
R68.94 /Kg


R67.79 Incl. VAT
R67.79 /Kg

Smoked Gammon

Ideal for Xmas! Our ...
R156.39 Incl. VAT
R104.26 /Kg

Gammon B&R

R68.57 Incl. VAT
R68.57 /Kg

Gammon Boneless

R72.39 Incl. VAT
R72.39 /Kg

Gourmet Mince

R87.84 Incl. VAT
R87.84 /Kg

Italian Sausage

R95.06 Incl. VAT
R95.06 /Kg

Kameelhout Boerewors

R70.98 Incl. VAT
R70.98 /Kg


R96.54 Incl. VAT
R96.54 /Kg

Kassler Portion

R48.24 Incl. VAT
R48.24 /Kg

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