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Pastrami Sliced

R175.73 Incl. VAT
R175.73 /Kg

Smoked Briskett

R223.89 Incl. VAT
R223.89 /Kg

Rare Roast Beef

R160.14 Incl. VAT
R160.14 /Kg

Rare Roast Beef Sliced

R167.30 Incl. VAT
R167.30 /Kg

Smoked Chicken Fillet

R69.77 Incl. VAT
R69.77 /Kg

Smoked Chicken Sliced

R72.19 Incl. VAT
R72.19 /Kg

French Polony

R37.89 Incl. VAT
R37.89 /Kg

French Polony Sliced

R42.49 Incl. VAT
R42.49 /Kg

Penny Polony

R30.99 Incl. VAT
R30.99 /Kg

Italian Salami

R132.45 Incl. VAT
R132.45 /Kg

Italian Salami Sliced

R140.87 Incl. VAT
R140.87 /Kg


R35.59 Incl. VAT
R35.59 /Kg

Bones Meaty

R33.29 Incl. VAT
R33.29 /Kg

Lamb Leg Whole

Each leg approximately 3kg
R410.38 Incl. VAT
R136.79 /Kg

Lamb Leg B&R

R139.09 Incl. VAT
R139.09 /Kg

Lamb Leg B/Less

R170.20 Incl. VAT
R170.20 /Kg

Shoulder Whole

R124.20 Incl. VAT
R124.20 /Kg

Lamb Shoulder B&R

R126.50 Incl. VAT
R126.50 /Kg

Lamb Shoulder B/Less

R151.80 Incl. VAT
R151.80 /Kg

Lamb Loin Whole

R178.25 Incl. VAT
R178.25 /Kg

Lamb Loin Deboned

R186.30 Incl. VAT
R186.30 /Kg

Lamb Loin Boneless

R241.50 Incl. VAT
R241.50 /Kg

Lamb Loin Chops

R182.79 Incl. VAT
R182.79 /Kg

Lamb Cutlets

R182.79 Incl. VAT
R182.79 /Kg

Rack of Lamb

R182.79 Incl. VAT
R182.79 /Kg


R128.23 Incl. VAT
R128.23 /Kg

Chump Chops

R134.55 Incl. VAT
R134.55 /Kg

Chicken Whole

R40.19 /Kg

Chicken Fillet

R53.99 /Kg

Chicken Thighs Boneless

R86.19 Incl. VAT
R86.19 /Kg

Chicken Wings

R51.69 Incl. VAT
R51.69 /Kg

Chicken Pieces

R40.19 Incl. VAT
R40.19 /Kg

Chicken Quarters 10kg

R378.93 Incl. VAT
R37.89 /Kg

Chicken Supreme

R70.09 Incl. VAT
R70.09 /Kg

Chicken Drumsticks

R47.09 Incl. VAT
R47.09 /Kg

Chicken Thigh

R43.64 Incl. VAT
R43.64 /Kg

Chicken Breast On Bone

R43.64 Incl. VAT
R43.64 /Kg

Buffalo Wings

R67.79 Incl. VAT
R67.79 /Kg

Chicken Kebabs

R72.39 Incl. VAT
R72.39 /Kg

Chicken Stroganoff

R59.74 Incl. VAT
R59.74 /Kg

Duck Whole

R80.44 Incl. VAT
R80.44 /Kg

Duck Breast

R178.25 Incl. VAT
R178.25 /Kg

Chicken Livers

R22.94 Incl. VAT
R22.94 /Kg

Leg Steak/Chops

R134.55 Incl. VAT
R134.55 /Kg

Lamb Knuckle

R131.10 Incl. VAT
R131.10 /Kg