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Kudu Loin

R210.71 Incl. VAT
R210.71 /Kg

Ostrich Fan Fillet

R173.65 Incl. VAT
R173.65 /Kg

Ostrich Fillet Skin Pack

R210.71 Incl. VAT
R210.71 /Kg

Ostrich Mince

R79.41 Incl. VAT
R79.41 /Kg

Ostrich Mixed Steak

R132.45 Incl. VAT
R132.45 /Kg

Ostrich Neck

R44.49 Incl. VAT
R44.49 /Kg

Springbok Carpaccio

R28.18 Incl. VAT
R352.25 /Kg

Springbok Goulash

R80.44 Incl. VAT
R80.44 /Kg

Springbok Loin

R212.75 Incl. VAT
R212.75 /Kg

Springbok Mince

R68.94 Incl. VAT
R68.94 /Kg

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